Incorporating the Party Shorts channel

Continuous play videos for your bar, club, or venue. Odd, quirky videos running the gamut from cartoons to burlesque, amazing stunts, comedy bits, travel, wildlife, vintage clothing, vintage autos, old railroads!

Two ways to enjoy: Roku video channels and DVDs!  See below...

Cartoons All Day - Roku Channel $6.99 per month for over 24 hours continuous cartoons with no interruptions! Start it and forget it! Golden age of cartoons from 1915 to 1975.  Click here to install:
BarTV BarTV Plus! - Roku Channel - FREE 15 channels of continuous videos! Animals, Automobilia, Fashions, Home Movies, Experimental videos, Railroads, Grab Bag, Movie Trailers, Vaudeville, Wildlife, etc. Each channel is random continuous play.  Start it and forget it! Click here to install:
Continous play DVDs - Each DVD is about 2 hours. Priced $4.99 to $6.99. All are continuous play (no menus), so just pop the DVD into your player and let it roll!  Be sure to click "More Info" to see descriptions near the box photos to see what each DVD contains. 
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More Info:  All applicable licensing fees have been paid, so you owe no royalties on these videos for commercial (business) use! Use multiple Roku players and you'll see unique shows on each player!  You could have an entire wall of TVs, each playing different cartoons (or stunts) at the same time!  Most videos play fine with or without sound. All clips were chosen to be compatible with bars, waiting rooms, and club venues in mind. At any given time we have hundreds of these cartoons streaming online from our servers. The program is randomly mixed in continuous streaming format, so you never know what will turn up next. Clips are curated by a former TV executive with extensive nightclub experience.  


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